Fabiola Jean-Louis is a Haitian born, fine artist and photographer currently based out of Brooklyn, N.Y.. As a little girl growing up in New York, Fabiola was surrounded by art and fascinating characters. Her imagery seamlessly blends magic with the mundane and reality with the speculative to bring unseen worlds out of hiding. With a style that is haunting, moody, dreamy, magical, and mysterious, along with her talent for visual story-telling, Jean-Louis stands out as an artist to be watched.  Although she has only been working at her craft for two years, she is already making waves as a visionary who can manifest diverse patterns of space-time, sci-fi, costume design and surrealism within the worlds of her art. Fabiola's work has already been featured in AfroPunk, Blerds, ArtInsomniac, and commissioned for books, several album covers, branding, and now model portfolios.



Brooklyn, NY

(786) 308-8210





Black Beauty Mag, Norsk Shakespeare og Teater Tidsskrift (Norwegian Theater Magazine) , AfroPunk,

ARTinsomniac, Anthology of Octavia Butler's Near Kin, Hello, Tip-Tip, and Atlantic Blackstar



2017         Rush Philanthropic- High John the Conqueror Ain't Got Nothing On Me:

                 American Hoodoo & Southern Black-American Centric Spiritual Ways, Rush Arts Gallery, Philly

2017         Here + Now Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body

2016        The 9th Coven: Witches Ball, Andrew Freedman Home, NY

2016         Africa Forecast: Fashioning Contemporary Life, Spellman College Museum of Fine Art, GA

2016        The 2016 Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Southeastern Designer Show House

2016        Boundless Group Exhibition, Brooklyn Historical Society, NY

2016        Metamorphosis Group Exhibition, Arts East NY Gallery, NY

2016        Rewriting History: paper dresses & photographs, Solo Exhibition, Harlem School of the Arts, NY

2015        Women as Witness Group Exhibition, TI Art Studios, NY  

2014        Sixth Annual Juried Student Group Exhibition, Nova Southeastern University, FL